Lubanzi Crèche


May 17, 2012 - Plastering and Door Frames

While the skilled builders of the village are plastering the inside and outside of the building, Aidan has built the door frames and is fixing them into place.

the outside of the Creche building is being plastered
Chrissy and Rahel are hand sanding one of the door frames for Lubanzi Creche
a boy is smoothing the plastering of the Lubanzi Creche
view from the window of Lubanzi Creche
Veto is plastering the outside of Lubanzi Creche
Aidan is attaching a door frame for the Lubanzi Creche

building work at Lubanzi Creche


April 26, 2012 - The Roof Structure

Aidan has prepared and built the roof structure on the ground. It's the left and right hand section - the middle section is left open yet, as it will get a second story. All that's left to do now is lifting the roof up ...

the roof structure was built on the ground
the left section is up already ...
the men are getting ready to lift up the second part of the roof structure
lifting up the roof structure
pushing the roof structure up
and that's it - the second part of the roof is up
the first two parts of the roof structure for Lubanzi Creche are up
the playground of the new Lubanzi Creche

the new Lubanzi Creche with the first two parts of the roof structure


August 18, 2011 - The Walls

The main wall structure of the Crèche has been built. The Crèche will will have 2 classrooms plus a kitchen in the middle.

the inside of the new Lubanzi Creche
view out of the back window of the Lubanzi Creche
the walls of the new Lubanzi Creche are up

the stone walls of the new Lubanzi Creche are finished


February 25 , 2011 - The Foundations

The people from Lubanzi Village are gathering to dig the foundations for the new Crèche. Everyone is helping, the men are taking turns in digging. Aidan is driving back and forth to bring stones that are needed for the foundations.

digging foundations for the Lubanzi Creche
stones for the foundations are brought in a bakkie
everyone is helping to lift off the stones

the first square for the foundations is dug out
young men are digging foundations

unloading stones and digging foundations for the new Lubanzi Creche

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