Building Community

Sobonana Projects (former Mpame Village Projects) has shifted its focus to Lubanzi Village. Directly supported by Wild Lubanzi Backpackers, we are helping to build up facilities in Lubanzi.

Lubanzi is a small village at the Wild Coast, about 20km south of Coffee Bay. Its proximity to Zithulele Hospital has definitely influenced the life and development of the community. The living conditions are good compared to many other villages along the Wild Coast. Nevertheless, the big problem is education. In the whole Eastern Cape, the education level is really low, schools are poorly equipped, the teachers poorly trained and often absent, and the childrens future is compromised by the lack of opportunities for a better schooling.

Help us to counteract this trend by spurring the education in rural areas!


Current Projects

Check out the Projects page for more information on what is currently happening. At the moment, the roof of the new Lubanzi Creche is being built, and we have started giving English lessons to interested adults and children to improve their communication skills.


view of Lubanzi village and the sea

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